Zoom Web SDK 1.8.6 restarted and ask to Join Computer Audio again

We are running zoom webinar through Web SDK, our developers that monitoring the webinar as audience are spreads in different countries, we experience a weird behavior, the webinar iframe refreshed / restarted in same time, it makes audio become mute and we need to join the audio again.

We are connected in same Zoom Datacenter (Hongkong), and using different browser, desktop and device. The timing is random, sometimes every (approximately) 30 minutes, 40 minutes, or 1 hour. Once again, we experiencing this in real time across the countries and devices. I don’t think it is because of internet connection

It could not relate with the bug, In the console log, showed:
Fps error
Stop RenderVideo
Start RenderVideo
Fps error

Which version?
Web SDK 1.8.6

To Reproduce(If applicable)
It randomly happen, can’t reproduce


Device (please complete the following information):
Desktop (Windows & iOS) and Mobile (Android & iOS)
Browser: Chrome & Safari

Hey @erickvasilev,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. If you have someone join the meeting from a desktop client, do they see the same issue? Does this happen only when connected to the Hong Kong data center?


Hello Max,

Some of us using Desktop Client and it has no issue. One of my team connected to India data center, and also face same issue.


Hey @erickvasilev ,

Did you say you are embedding the Web SDK in an iFrame? If so, there could be issues because the Web SDK was not designed to work within an iFrame.


Oh… so iframe is the issue here. Okay then…

Thank you.

Hey @erickvasilev,

I’m glad to hear that helped! If you encounter any further issues or questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Good catch @tommy thank you for the assist!


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