Zoom WEB SDK Panelist / Host join meeting role / email detection

I have a question, it seems if the meeting is not in the same account as the SDK, I cannot join it with the role = 1? It will return signature is invalid, on that case? Is this right now not supported?


  • Added support for starting a webinar as host.
  • Added support for panelists and hosts to join webinars.

As 1.8.0 seems added those functionalities above just want to make sure, what it actually means.
Do the SDK detect panelist emails and enable the panelist view automatically? Do we need to pass rote 1 for panelists?

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Bumping this up because I’m looking for a response to this as well. Currently joining the meeting with a role = 0 as panelist is not working. And trying role = 1 gives the old error of: cant start webinar from web (even though a host is able to; this is me trying to join as a panelist).

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I have try also to start a webinar from websdk 1.8.0 and i get the following response

method: “join”, status: false, result: “Not allow to start webinar from web.”, errorMessage: “Not allow to start webinar from web.”, errorCode: 3609

Hey @developer-whova, @hassan2,

Correct, you are only able to start meetings (use role 1) that you (the owner of the JWT App) own.

Now, you can use role 1 when generating a signature to start a Webinar with the Web SDK.

To have panelists join pass in role 0 to the signature, and the panelist email as the userEmail value. Make sure the panelist email is also added to the Webinar settings on the Zoom Web Portal.


Hey @ldal,

Can you please provide steps to reproduce the issue and the version of the Web SDK you are using?


@tommy for panelists to join, we can send the invites using the REST API too, right? That’s what I’ve done in my case. Add panelists to a webinar, and then use the host to start the webinar.

I’m able to start the webinar as the host no problem, but joining as a panelist is where it doesn’t work unfortunately.

The only way I can get it to work is if I promote a user to a panelist from within a meeting. Then when that user leaves and re-joins, they maintain their panelist status.

Hoping that helps get to the bottom of this issue!

Thanks again for your help.

@tommy This is exactly the same problem I encountered with web SDK 1.8.0. Reproduce steps:

  1. Add a webinar panelist on zoom dashboard
  2. Pass panelist email as userEmail and role=0 on joining the meeting in SDK
  3. The panelist can only have the view-only attendee view, not the panelist view.

zoom websdk 1.8.0

the signature below is calculated from the php (with role 1)

var meetConfig = {
apiKey: #####,
meetingNumber: ######,
userName: “test name”,
userEmail: “test@email.com”,
passWord: #####,
leaveUrl: “https://www.zoom.us”,
signature: ######,
role: 1,


leaveUrl: meetConfig.leaveUrl,
screenShare: 1,
disableInvite: 0,
success: function(initResp) {
signature: response.data,
apiKey: meetConfig.apiKey,
meetingNumber: meetConfig.meetingNumber,
userName: meetConfig.userName,
userEmail: meetConfig.userEmail,
passWord: meetConfig.passWord,
success: function(joinResp){
console.log(‘join meeting success’);
error: function(joinResp) {
error: function(initResp) {

thank you

Hi @ldal,

I can see that you’re correctly passing in role 1 to start a webinar, so that part looks good. Can you share a screenshot of this error message in action in the browser console? Can you also confirm that you’re using credentials from the JWT app under your account?


@hassan2 @xinxinjin89,

Thanks for providing these details. I will escalate this to our team to help investigate—in the meantime, is it possible to share a screencast video or screenshot of these steps in action? This would be really helpful. (ZOOM-195352)


we had to put the same email as the primary zoom zccount not user… thank you


Thanks for letting me know, glad it’s squared away!


@hassan2 @xinxinjin89,

Can you please let me know the Webinar ID or UUID that you’ve run into this issue with?


Hi @will.zoom

The meeting ID is: 91751780826

It was scheduled in the past when I was testing it.

Thanks @hassan2! We’re still looking into this. Hope to have an update for you shortly.


Hi @will.zoom,

Thank you! Has there been any progress on this front?

Hey @hassan2,

We are still looking into this issue. We will provide you with an update as soon as we can. :slight_smile:


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