Zoom web sdk - Track User/Schedulers (schedule_for) before creating meetings

Business Problem:
I have a user with 2 schedulers so total 3 users can create & host instant meetings. But I am unable to track which user is available to host meeting or currently busy so that I could schedule_for next available user.
We have all 3 users dedicated to instant meetings only for our application.

I wanted this because if all the my users/ schedulers are occupied/busy in instant meetings, so no further meetings get created until any of the user/scheduler gets available.

Provide an API that tells us the status of each host/schedulers on the fly before creating new meetings so that we can show some meaningful message on our portal if all of them are busy hosting meetings.

Web Hook is good option but with this we have to manage a lot like when meeting started we have to save the user session some where and then when meeting ended we have to remove that users session.