Zoom Webinar issues


We are are using Zoom SDK which is integrated in our platform. (Zoom Webinar)
If using the latest version we are encountering following issues:
(Issues has been found on Windows computers except for issue “5”)

1, If host promotes attendee as a panelist ,sometimes attendee gets stuck on “connecting” message

2, In case Attendee manages to become panelist - inability to turn Camera or Microphone ON

3. Inability to join audio as the button is greyed out

We’ve tried to roll back a version. Following are the issues which persists in both versions:
4, If user has been promoted to panelist and decides to leave on refresh the page and comes back he receives “Invalid token” issue

5, on iPad (iOS 17) User join and is promoted to become a panelist he can turn his camera on but nobody will see him.

Could you please advise if these issues are fixable?


HI @Duuzra
Thanks for reaching out to us!
Are you still having these issues on your end?
What version of the meeting SDK are you using? Is this meeting WEB sdk?