ZoomSDK with C# is working in USA but not in India or Japan

Written C# application for prototyping and it works perfectly in USA, same application is not in India or Japan


Launch the application
Join meeting
Nothing happens in gallery (UserJoin callback isnt hit at all to add user to gallery)
Same works perfectly in USA

  2. onUserJoin isn’t received when tested in India or Japan

Windows 10

Hi sudhakar.kandaswamy,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK and thanks for the info. We have not received any reports regarding the Zoom service is not available in India or Japan. Would you mind providing the SDK log from the 2 locations when the issue happens?

You may enable the log feature at SDK initialization, and find the log in the path: %appdata%/zoomsdk/logs/.


Hi Carson Chen, thank you for your quick response. In C# wrapper I do not see log enable option exposed. Should I add and recompile C# wrapper? Or is there any alternate to enable logging.

Thanks & Regards
Sudhakar Kandasamy

Hi Carson Chen

I did modify the C# wrapper and was able to enable the log. Kindly let know the email for me to attach the logs so you can have a look.

Thanks & Regards
Sudhakar Kandasamy

Hi Sudhakar,

Thanks for the reply and glad to hear that you are able to enable the log. You may send me a in-forum message, I will contact you directly.