ZR-CSAPI Closed caption no longer showing on screen

This is a follow up to this post:

I was recently forced to update Zoom Rooms from 5.11(I believe) and closed captioning no longer shows up on the screen with the ZR-CSAPI.

Calling ‘zConfiguration Call ClosedCaption Visible: on’ does not work.

The issue is that with the new update, calling ‘zStatus Call ClosedCaption Available’ always returns OFF where before the update it would return ON

Would anyone be able to check on the (ZOOM-311532) ticket with the engineering team or has anyone found a workaround for this? @MaxM

Anyone able to take a look at this?


Hi @Daniel_Rees
Thanks for reaching out to us!
I was able to look into the ticket that you shared with us and I do not see any movement in it
Let me communicate with my colleague and will get back to you

Thanks Elisa! Please let me know! We have a client with many hard of hearing employees and our only other option right now is to stop using the ZR-CSAPI.

Sorry for the late reply here @Daniel_Rees
Are you still using Zoom Room 5.11?
Could you confirm the version for me please

We are currently on Windows 10, 5.15.7 (3094) , 64bit. I believe 5.11 was the version we were on when it was still working.

Hi @Daniel_Rees
I am looking into this issue, I do not have an update yet but wanted to let you know that I am working on it

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Hi @Daniel_Rees
Thanks for your patience here, I just heard back about this issue and it looks like this is a bug and currently looking for a timeline on a fix for it
I will keep you posted

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Thank you for looking into this Elisa!

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