zStatus Call ClosedCaption Available


I’ve updated the settings for the Zoom Room and restarted it a few times but can never seem to get a ‘true’ back from the zStatus Call ClosedCaption Available command, which I’ve sent within/out of meetings. While in a meeting, even with the status coming back as false, I am able to successfully execute the zConfiguration Call ClosedCaption Visible, though I see no indications anywhere that the closed captioning is actually enabled.

Has anyone else been able to successfully see that Closed Captioning is available?


Hello Caitlyn, the ClosedCaption available parameter does not indicate whether or not you can turn closed captioning on or off. Closed captioning can always be turned on or off. Closed captioning available simply means whether or not there is content being served.

Try this:

  1. use the desktop Zoom client and start a meeting, then join that meeting using your Zoom Room.
  2. On your desktop client’s meeting controls click closed caption->I will type.
  3. Start typing in closed captions.
  4. You should get a notification in your Zoom Room stating that closed captions is now available. Now if you turn closed captions on you will see the closed captions that you typed.



Awesome! This makes a ton of sense. Thank you!