ZR-CSAPI: Sharing a camera


I am using the beta 11 Zoom for Windows.

For our setup, we have two cameras and an additional USB connection that sends source content from a video switcher. I would like to be able to use the share feature to deliver this content so that it always shows up on the primary display for all participants. This was achievable using both the Android and iPad apps.

Is there any plan to include this within the API or is there already an existing command set, perhaps something similar to zConfiguration Video Camera command?



Brian: Can you clarify; Are you using the spotlight feature of the Zoom Room to always show a video source for people joining the conference? The pin / spotlight features are planned for the V2 version of the API


I’m using the “Share Content or Camera” feature to deliver content. This is important because I need the Zoom Room to recognize the video as shared content as opposed to just another video selection; otherwise the Display Settings will never switch to the shared configuration. For instance, in a meeting with two participants, each participant would see the remote user on their primary display and themselves on the secondary display. If content is being shared, then that content would take priority over the remote view, shifting it to the secondary display. From what I understand about the pin/spotlight features, I would have no control over what appears on the secondary.

From an API standpoint, I was hoping that I could select a camera/USB source to be shared and enable/disable it as needed - something like this for example: “zConfiguration Share selectedID: <device ID>” and “zConfiguration Share <enable/disable>.” Alternatively, I might be able to achieve the desired result if there’s a way to dynamically change the Display Settings for the room.

Anyway, just curious if any of these features are available or will be available soon. I can explore possible workarounds if not.


That feature was added in the March 18th, 2018 release of the Mac Zoom Room.  The feature is not currently supported in version 1.0 of the ZR-CSAPI. The ability to share the camera will likely be added as a command to version 1.1. Version 1.1 is still on the roadmap, but we still do not have a release date.