zTscoder.exe convert the .meetingrec only with audio

use zTscoder.exe to convert the .meetingrec, but the output .mp4 only contains the audio, and the video is black.

Which version?
SDK version v4.4.57220.1211,
zTsCoder.exe version v4.4.57220.1211

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Local record the meeting in custom UI mode
  2. Get the .meetingrec files
  3. When call stop recording, the convertion progress bar will popup and convert the .meetingrec to .mp4
  4. Only audio was contains in the .mp4
  5. If I directly use the cmd to excute zTscoder.exe “xxxxxx”,
    it’s the same result.

the xcode_error.log is as following:
task 1-4.1.121226.0302: C:\Users\erichan\Documents\闪汇通\Record\2020-01-05 14.29.44\
01/05/2020 14:33:45:693 : [H759]:0,3,0,62799985

Here is the final folder snapshot:
meeting record folder

Hi zhaoming,

Thanks for the post and the info. We are unable to reproduce this issue with our demo app on our side, our demo app has the implementation of using recording in custom UI mode: https://github.com/zoom/zoom-sdk-windows/blob/cbcbfdf7b965e13bba40a83115bb557e6cfdccf4/demo/sdk_demo_v2/CustomizedUIRecordMgr.cpp, please have a try and hope it helps. Thanks!


Thanks for your reply, we know demo is OK, but we use the same parameters to call StartRecording() and StopRecording(); we get the mp4 only with audio (video is black).
It seems the zTscoder.exe has some error when convert the .meetingrec to .mp4, so you see, the .meetingrec is not be removed after the convertion (seems caused by the error).

Is there any recording relatived setting will cause the problem?

Hi zhaoming,

Thanks for the reply. There are no additional settings needed if you have the same setting as the demo app. If you are seeing some errors during the conversion, and there are .meetingrec files left over after the conversion, could you send us the conversion files for further investigation?