Neither Recorded Meetings Button ... "Convert" nor double click on double_click_to_convert_01.zoom works

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I had contacted the support team on several occasions on this recurring problem, but they always send me the same generic response “use Recorded Meetings Button … Convert”, which in my situations never worked.

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When some adverse event, such as internet connection failure or disk full, occurs during a meeting which is being recorded, and when the user then ends the meeting, the conversion progress bar appears but remains stuck at 0% forever and the files zoom_0.mp4.tmp and audio_only.m4a.tmp are not even created.

Using the command
LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/zoom /opt/zoom/zoom --transcoding --path=
did not work either.

This is what worked:
Start a new meeting and start recording. After a few seconds, pause the recording. Without leaving the meeting, copy only the file double_click_to_convert_01.zoom from the failed recording directory to the directory of the running meeting, overwriting the file that is there. Then leave the running meeting while recording is still paused.
Conversion progress bar appears and progresses normally.

Apparently the file double_click_to_convert_02.zoom sometimes gets corrupted, preventing all conversion attempts in that meeting directory.

Describe the solution you’d like

I would like to request the feature that this situation would be automatically detected by the conversion program. The detection could be done by means of detecting the absence of the files zoom_0.mp4.tmp and audio_only.m4a.tmp some seconds after the conversion had been started.
To solve the problem, the conversion program should move the file double_click_to_convert_02.zoom somewhere else and create a clean dummy file double_click_to_convert_02.zoom instead and then restart the conversion procedure.

On the last occasion I had this problem, the solution mentioned in my previous post “This is what worked” was not good. The .mp4 file produced had no video, more precisely the video was a head-and-shoulder icon, grey on a black backgroud. Only audio was recovered correctly.

Since I had made a backup of the files double_click_to_convert_01.zoom and double_click_to_convert_02.zoom, I was able to try zTscoder on Windows, which converted the files correctly to video and audio!
Additional information: zTscoder also created a file named xcode_error.log with the following context:
task 0-5.0.24c292.0512: C:\Users\Elmar\Downloads
04/22/2021 07:51:56:444 : [Z1426]:2,622,0,622
04/22/2021 07:51:56:957 : [Z1426]:0,622,0,622
04/22/2021 07:51:57:458 : [Z1426]:0,622,0,622

Based on this experience, I would like to modify my feature request:

Please provide zTscoder for Linux in replacement of zoom --transcoding