Ability to run application plugin on the attendee side using a plugin installed only by the meeting organizer

We are a video engagement analytics platform - and wanted to check on the feasibility of a stretch functionality - is it possible for a Zoom plugin installed by a Speaker to change the Zoom functionality for anyone joining the meeting as an Attendee without installing the plugin. The goal is minimize the steps / frictions for the functionality to run on the Attendee side without new app installation.

Elaborating below:

  1. Speaker S installs the AT Zoom plugin
  2. S creates a meeting, joins it from a client with the plugin installed
  3. Attendee A joins the meeting, however A does not have the plugin involved
  4. Can A’s zoom be made to run a piece of javascript seamlessly (with some context of the user email & meeting ID passed to it) under the hood in A’s zoom client?

I can see that this maybe potentially viewed a security concern, hence doubtful, but still checking.

Alternatively options:

  1. [Currently implemented approach] Embed the Zoom meeting SDK in our Javascript app
  2. If there was a plugin for attendees too (non-speakers), is it possible to give the attendees a meeting link that under the hood also installs the apps - or minimizes the steps / friction in installing it?
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