ACD function on Zoom platform

Hello Team,

lately we have had some requirements from resellers and customers that are looking into an ACD video function. The basic function would be create a group of users that calls directly to an specific meeting ID if a member of that group is available get the call, and if another call comes in, goes to the next available agent or member on the group. We know we have the waiting room function right now, but customer are looking into a system that callers does not have to wait, they go directly to the next available agent. If all agent/members of the group are busy so then could be go to a  waiting room, or a queue for waiting to next available agent.


In case this function cannot be deploy some new functions on API to monitor users on call and then do an external program that can be aware of the status of the zoom users (available or busy) and then try to send a call to to another meeting ID that users is available.




This seems doable with the current APIs.

Using the User APIs to manage your “agent”.

Using the Groups API to manage groups of “agents” (sales/support/etc).

And of course the Meeting API to manage your “calls”.

With push notifications you could detect when a meeting starts/ends, and put that “agent” out of or into the call queue as well.



An agent comes online and placed into a call queue.

A customer in your application requests to speak to someone.

Application looks for the next agent in the queue.

  • If an agent is available create a meeting (meeting status 0), the agent joins (meeting status 1), notify the customer to join, agent removed from the queue.
  • If no agents are available in queue, you implement a customer queue and place them there.

After the call is complete (meeting status 2) place the agent back into the queue.

(It’s more complex to build than that, however that’s a high level view of how to accomplish)



ok. i will try to get the info in that way , thanks!