Add ability to set "Allow attendees to join from multiple devices" via api "Create a meeting" for Registration required meetings

I’d like to add a feature request:

Add the ability to set “Allow attendees to join from multiple devices” (true/false) via api for the “Create a meeting” endpoint for Registration required meetings (approval_type “0”)

I would also second this as this will cause major security issue as attendees can simply share the join url, and since they are approved, they will end up on the meetings.

“allow_multiple_devices”: “false”,

is already present in the ‘Create Webinar’ API and its only logical that its there in the ‘Create Meeting’ API too. Seems like a miss from the Zoom DEV team

I’d like to second this request as well, thank you!

We need this feature while creating meeting via API for our online education use case. I see this option is already available to the webinar APIs; so I think it should be fairly easy to add into meetings. Sharing of registrant’s join URL is making classroom unmanageable at times.
Really appreciate if this can be done soon.

Hey @kuldeek, @fred, @mayank, @iyc_admin,

Checkout my update on this feature here:


Hey @fred, @kuldeek, @mayank, @iyc_admin,

This feature will be released in October! :slight_smile:


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Hi @tommy, may I know the exact date for releasing this API for meeting? We are all looking forward to it so desperately.

Hi @tommy, can I have a date when everything will be ready? We are all waiting for this release.

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Any word on this feature being available @tommy ?

Could we please have an update on this @tommy? Thanks!

Looks like the feature was added. Correct?