"rename user" webhook?

We’d like to get informed if a user renames themselves.

We need to extract the current attendees for a number of meetings (the use case is a small to midsize online academic conference, and we are building a custom navigation system)
Since we currently only have a “Pro” plan, we cannot use the API for this kind of information, but luckily we can use webhooks to get informed who enters and leaves each meeting. this works great (apart from being stateful, but well…i guess that’s what o u

However, if a user renames themselves, we do not get a notification.
Have we just forgotten to subscribe to a specific event (if so: which one)?

Hi @umlaeute, we do not have an event available for in-meeting participant renaming.

If a user changes their name in their profile, a webhook will deliver a User Updated event.

When a user changes their display name within a meeting, that only applies within the meeting and is not able to be subscribed to.

thanks for the reply.

so how can i know the display names of the people currently attending a meeting?

if there’s no webhook, is there an API call? which (edu-)tier would be required to get this information?

Hey @umlaeute,

You can use the Get Live Meeting Participants Dashboard API to see the participants names.