Adding Meeting Info into Meeting URL

Can we add info into a meeting url, such as the mid, or any other information that can be then used by the zoom app?

Hi @Dzoom ,

For mid do you mean meeting id?

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Hi @gianni.zoom
Yes, but not the Personalized meeting id, the one that ends with “==” thats in the app context.

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The meeting id is automatically embedded in the meeting join_url like this: Error - Zoom.

The start_url (for host) also has identifying parameters. You can review the difference here: Why zoom meetings have start_url if host can start meeting with join_url

Does this answer your question?


hey @gianni.zoom
isn’t that meeting id different from the meeting uuid though?

Yes @Dzoom , they are inherently two separate values :slight_smile:

@gianni.zoom so is there a way to put the uuid in the zoom link?

Hi @Dzoom no this is not supported and the uuid is not static. It changes when the meeting goes from scheduled to past, and there are different uuids for meeting instances.

Thank you @gianni.zoom for all your prompt replies!

So to summarize - theres no info within the link that can be used in api calls.

Hi @Dzoom no problem and you can use the meetingid for API calls – many of the endpoints take meetingId as a request parameter. Which one(s) were you thinking of?

Hi @gianni.zoom,

So every zoom meeting I schedule has my personal meeting id in the link, but not a meeting specific meeting id in the url. So I don’t think having the link allows me to run anything like
GET{meetingId} or

Hi @Dzoom ,

Do you want to keep using your personal meeting id? Alternatively you, can create meetings without your personal meeting id so that they’re a unique one each time.

You can still use those endpoints with your personal meeting id. The GET would show upcoming meetings scheduled, but if you could use the past meetings endpoint to get the occurrence ids for the different meeting iterations with the same meeting id.

This is the setting you’d change in the create a meeting API endpoint to stop using pmi:


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