Agreement to record

We are recording our meeting so we show agreement screen.
Everything works, but before administrator will let to join new user this agreement window pops up and down between loadings.
During the loading there is no this window. When administrator let user to join the meeting agreement windows shows as needed.

Hi @atabidze1 ,

Are you able to share the screenshot of this behaviour? You can upload this somewhere and share the link here.

Sorry for late response
Sharing drive url -
I will give you access as soon I receive request.

@atabidze1 ,

The issue is “Agreement to record” shows up twice?
Once during the waiting room, and another when the user joins the meeting?

Could you share whats the Web SDK version which you are using?


Yes, showing up twice “Agreement to record” is the issue.
Web SDK version - 2.10.1

If you slow down the video you can see that this popup shows up three time:

  • Between “Joining Meeting…” and “The host will let you in soon”
  • Between “The host will let you in soon” and “Connecting…”
  • After “Connecting…”

On latest version (2.12.2) there was mic problem (Microphone Turn ON problem) so we downgraded to 2.10.1

@atabidze1 ,

Is there double recording prompt on 2.12.2?
If there isn’t in 2.12.2, we should look at the mic problem which you have raised.

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