Android tv is not support USB Camera

The latest version of zoom SDK, installed on the android TV, can not identify USB camera, what is the good solution?

Smartphone (please complete the following information):

  • Device: xiaomi
  • OS: android8.0
  • Version v5.0.24437.0708

Hi @15604510000, thank you for using our SDK!

Could you please provide some additional information on the Android device’s model that you are using?


After looking into this further, unfortunately USB camera support has been removed in our 5.0.24433.0616 release. We currently do not have specific information available on when we will be able to add support for this back in, although it was intended to be temporary.

The previous version used was v4.6.21666.0429,It can not identify USB camera too.

xiaomi L75M5-AB

Hi @15604510000, thanks for the response and additional info.

We will make note of this and look into it when the time comes for us to add back USB camera support. Until then, I would recommend verifying with Xiaomi that the device itself has implemented external camera support according to the Android Compatibility Definition Document.

Hopefully this helps, be sure to keep an eye on our release notes for mention of adding USB camera support back in the future!

Generally, I would say if core Android OS version supports USB webcams (multiple) then Zoom should do this, at least on an experimental basis, as well as both front and rear facing cameras on devices which have multiple.

This would then work for phones, tablets, Android TV, Chromebook, Chromebox (but probably not Chromebit due to lack of USB ports and bluetooth cameras not being common) and all processors (ARM derived, Intel, others)

Hi @MilesT, thanks for the post!

We did have support for USB cameras in older versions of the Android SDK, but had to temporarily remove that feature. We do intend to add support back in as soon as we are able to!


Hi guys,

Do you know in which version or date USB camera would be supported again?

Thanks in advance

Hi @jpdomazos, thanks for using the dev forum!

Unfortunately we cannot provide a specific date or version just yet. Be sure to keep an eye on the release notes, as this will be mentioned there when the time comes.


On a related point, support for additional audio inputs and outputs on Android (device detection/use and UI)

Android has at least some support for “class compliant” external USB sound adapters, e.g. Focusrite Scarlet, Alesis Core1, with good preamps and sampling quality at least 16bit/44kHz, usually 48kHz, up to 24 bit/192kHz.

When you plug in a USB sound adapter to Android device (directly on a Chromebook/Chromebox, using a USB OTG adapter on phones) then some Android applications will offer the USB audio device as a choice for input/output in a UI, or will just default to the external device (no UI to allow selection).

USB sound adapters can significantly improve the sound quality, by allowing better mics to be used: reducing background noise or increasing dynamic range; handheld, or tie clip, or wireless (and some Polycom conference phones/video units had mic inputs for just this reason). Can bypass need for a mixing desk for smaller events e.g. panels–can use latest phone plus multichannel USB adapter connected to wireless body packs and handheld mikes.

Another use case would be to take questions from the floor in a town hall meeting sending the sound to the PA as well as the Zoom, using a mobile phone as a very inexpensive and portable camera.

Bluetooth connections can be used for some of the use cases although the right hardware to add a BT transmitter to a high quality mike via XLR is a bit specialist, more so than a high quality USB sound adapter (which is more general purpose for a media/events team)

Hi, is there any update on USB camera support?

Hi @jawilso3, thanks for using the dev forum.

There have not been any updates for this yet. Please keep an eye on our release notes for future releases.