App Crash happens

Hey @saroroo123,

I do not belive the update has been released yet, @Carson_Chen?

Keep an eye on the updates for Zoom on the App Store, or here:


Hi Tommy,

Thanks for the info. I will check the zoom help center :slight_smile:

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You are welcome! Happy to help! :slight_smile:


Hi @Carson_Chen

Happy Monday :slight_smile: We have started another new app and we are using zoom SDK for video calls. Currently I am facing some issues. Please check it below

  1. Meeting window not appeared while join the meeting
  2. App get crashed while host end the meeting .

Detailed Description:

  1. Meeting window not appeared while join the meeting
    • I am trying to join the meeting. I have the meeting ID. I used this code to join the meeting,

let paramDict = [
kMeetingParam_Username: AppConstants.ClassConstants.activeUserName,
kMeetingParam_MeetingNumber: AppConstants.ClassConstants.inComingCallMeetingID,
** ]**
let response: MobileRTCMeetError? = service?.joinMeeting(with: paramDict)

  • Meeting was created in zoom web app. I am trying to join the meeting from using my mobile.
  • I was joined the meeting and I did not get any error codes and also my mobile camera was showing my face and I can see my face in zoom web app. But the problem is, in mobile meeting window page not appeared. In other words, Meeting window page not opened but my mobile camera was start capturing my movements.
  • I don’t know why meeting window was not appeared. Please tell me if anything I am missing here OR is anything I need to update ?
  1. App get crashed while host end the meeting.

    • Take above scenario. I created meeting using web app and meeting started and participant joined via mobile using zoom SDK .
    • Now, I am the host and I am going to tap the end meeting button.
    • Now, in mobile side. I mean participant side. App get crashed. I could not get the crash report but I can see this error in my compiler view.

  • Each time app get crashed while host end the meeting. Please check it and share your thoughts :slight_smile:

My Device Configurations:

Zoom SDK --> [v4.4.56624.1028]
Mac Os --> Version 10.15.1 (macOS Catalina)
XCode --> 11.2.1
Device —> iPhone X
iOS —> 13.2.3

Thanks. Let me know your thoughts :slight_smile:

One More thing: I got issue in my compiler.

Cannot retrieve the container URL for the application group identifier . Make sure that it has been added to the entitlement.

I did not use any group IDs in my application and also I set this code in my appdelegate class.

let context = MobileRTCSDKInitContext()
context.domain = AppConstants.ZoomKeys.Zoom_Domain
context.enableLog = true
context.appGroupId = “”

@Carson. Please check it. I already referred this link --> Having Crash while starting zoom class

But no use of this. Still I am getting this error while join the meeting. What can I do now ?

Hi saroroo123,

Happy Monday and thanks for the reply. Regarding the issue you are facing:

  1. Based on the screenshot you have provided, it seems like the issue is not from our SDK. Using UIAlertController instead of UIAlertView could fix this issue

  2. Regarding the entitlement issue, normally if you set up a group ID, Xcode will create the entitlement file for you, for some reason Xcode is not creating this for your project and this issue appears. Please double-check if our group ID “” does not appear in your code, and use your own group ID instead. If you do not need the screen sharing feature, you do not need the group ID(do not set it in MobileRTCSDKInitContent), and you do not need the broadcast extension.

Hope this helps. Thanks!

Hi @Carson_Chen,

Thanks for your replay. I need to say this please check Zoom SDK in Latest xCode 11.2.1. There is in crash issue in UIAlertView. I think you are using UIAlertView. In Latest xCode 11.2.1 --> UIScene class not supports UIAlertView. So App get Crashed. I am 100% sure, I am not use UIAlertView in my applications. I got this crash while calling zoom SDK. So Please check your SDK with Latest xCode 11.2.1 OR make support zoom SDK in 11.2.1.

Let me know your thoughts. Thanks :slight_smile:

Another question:

When meeting window appeared. I got this message in above audio section,

could you tell me why I am getting this issue ?

my code was,

// setup the call
let settings = MobileRTC.shared().getMeetingSettings()
settings?.meetingVideoHidden = false
settings?.bottomBarHidden = false
settings?.topBarHidden = false
settings?.meetingInviteHidden = true
settings?.meetingShareHidden = true

My needs are --> Audio is need to connect automatically with out any user interaction in meeting window.


Hi saroroo123,

Thanks for the reply. Regarding the UIAlertView issue, I have passed this to our engineering team and we will investigate this further.

Regarding the audio auto connect issue, normally if you set the setAutoConnectInternetAudio to be true, then it will auto connect the audio upon joining the meeting. Based on the error message shown in the screenshot, it seems like there are multiple devices that are producing errors at the moment(Maybe you have multiple devices next to each other joining the same meeting at the same time?), and when this happens, the audio will disconnect automatically.

Hope this helps. Thanks!

Hi @Carson_Chen,

Thanks for the reply. Regarding audio it’s working fine now and also I forget to tell you one thing regarding zoom call not ending and meeting window opened again issue, now it’s working fine. Thanks a lot Carson.

Currently I am waiting for the UIAlertView issues only.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi saroroo123,

Glad to hear that those are working well now! Regarding the UIAlertView issue, please have a try to build your SDK project with Xcode 10 and see if it helps.


Hi Carson,

Thanks for the reply. In xCode 10 it’s working fine. But I need to use xCode 11. So only I am asking. Hope you understand.

Thanks !

Hi saroroo123,

Thanks for the reply. Glad to hear that Xcode 10 is working well. I have forwarded the Xcode 11 support request to our engineering team and we are working on it. Since a lot of dependencies need to change and test, it will take some time. It is recommended to use Xcode 10 during the interim, pardon the inconvenience. Please watch our Github repo updates and I will keep you posted.


Hi Carson,
Thanks for the reply. I have removed scene delegate use from my xCode 11. so it’s working fine now. But we need to fix this crash issue soon. I will keep my eye on your GitHub repo.

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Thanks Carson!

Yes @saroroo123 keep an eye on the Github repo.


Hi @Carson_Chen

I saw the github repo. one new version has been released. Is this version supported for xCode 11 and iOS 13 ?

Please confirm.


Hi saroroo123
It already supports ios13, but not xcode11.

Hi @Murray_Li

Thanks for the reply. could you provide the release notes for this version ? so that we can understand the clearly what are things has been updated for this release.


Hi saroroo123
Here’s the detailed release notes:

Hi @Murray_Li

Thanks for the info. I will take a look on it.


Thanks Murray! :slight_smile:


Hi @Carson_Chen,

Good day and Happy Monday. I need some info regarding zoom SDK iOS. Please read below things and I need to know which are all the things we can do using Zoom SDK iOS. Those are,

  • invite more people - To Invite more peoples while meeting is running on.
  • share screen - To Share the current meeting screen to some one.
  • change the presenter / host of the call - is this possible to change the host OR is this possible to change the host controls/acccess to some other participants ?

Please provide any documentation OR guidance for above things for iOS development. Thanks in advance :slight_smile: .