Arrange a few meetings at the same time and handle reports automatically

I’ve tried creating 2 meeting in parallel at the same time using my Pro account. When people tried to join the second meeing it said that the host is in another meeting although I haven’t joined any of them.
Also, I enabled joined before host.

To summarize, I would like to know if I could arrange a few meetings at the same time without being a part of the meetings. And if yes, do I need a different type of user? Business? Enterprise?

Example: I schedule 3 meetings for 5pm. people are able to join these meetings without me, and I get can reports of the people who joined and the length of the meetings.

Also, I would like to automatically get info about the meetings. Who attended? For how long? Hot long was the meeting? mails of participants etc.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @RoyTheKing, any Zoom user (regardless of account type) can only host one meeting at a given time. If you want to organize multiple meetings at one given time, different users will need to be the host of that meeting.

If these meetings are hosted by you or users on your account, you can access Meeting Reports with the appropriate account-level permissions. These are also accessible through the Reports API.