Audio call issue - isSupportAV = false


The audio call is working in Video calls but when we try to connect only audio calls we get the error message “Your browser doesn’t support using computer Audio device, please upgrade your browser to the latest version.”

When we checked this error, we got the solution to use HTTPS but our website has an SSL certificate already.

Note: We are using “isSupportAV = false” parameter to hide the video and keep audio only.

Thank you

Any updates on this issue?

How we can hide/disable the video while audio call only? We need to restrict users to enable video during audio calls.

Please suggest,

Thank you

Hi @anish_001
Thanks for reaching out to us
Have you been able to troubleshoot this on your end?
Are ou using our APIs to enable or disable audio? Can you share more details about your integration please

Hi Elisa,

Thanks for the reply,

from Frontend(Angular), we are sending below parameters in “ZoomMtg.init”,
isSupportAV: false
disablePreview: true
disableJoinAudio: false

and from Backend(NodeJs), we are sending below parameters in “body >> settings” object
audio: true,
host_video: false,
participant_video: false,

Our main concern is to disable/hide the video when the user connects meeting using an audio call only.
Now we are able to hide the video option but Audio is not working, getting the error which I mentioned above.

Please suggest for Audio feature only.

Thank you

Hi @anish_001
So you are using a combination of meeting SDK and our APIS.
Have you tried updating the browser as the error suggests?

Yes, we updated the browser also we tried with multiple browser. But still getting the same error.

Thanks for the clarification @anish_001
Have you tried running our sample app to replicate this behavior

Hi Elisa,

We executed the demo on the local system but still, we are getting the same error.
Please find the attached screenshots of Mozilla and Chrome browsers.

Chrome - 120.0.6099.109
Mozila: 121.0 (64-bit)

Thank you

Any updates on this?

Event after upgrading the zoom versions from 2.13.0 to 2.18.2 (Latest), Still we are unable to take audio calls.