Audio delays and turns low pitch on connected session between multiple users

I’ve been using the SDK for our meeting project.

It had no issues with audio before few days, although now I have the issue I mentioned.

It works fine when I open two different windows and logged in as different account on same browser window.

Only, not working on connection between different Devices.

I have no Idea what’s causing it.

Also, the user camera list Rendering got buggy recently and received the error message about request limit error.

Maybe it has anything to do with the error?

Please Help

Hi @nuinteedev

Thanks for reaching out!
Could you confirm what version of the SDK are you using? and if you are still experiencing this issue?

Hi, I’m using @zoom/videosdk version ^1.2.3

Hi. We are experiencing the same issue. I am receiving a very low-pitched voice while my android device receives a very high-pitched voice. My videosdk is 1.2.3 and the Android SDK is also 1.2.3.

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