Audio not woking when a participant join a breakout room

We have embedded the Web SDK (version 2.9.7). On mobile devices (both Android and IOS) when participants join a breakout room, join audio, allow microphone permission, audio does not work properly and zoom does not give any error. One minute later, it gives an OPERATION_TIMEOUT error and then change the microphone back to the default state (from audio = ‘computer’ to audio = ‘’).

Browser Console Error
Object {type: “OPERATION_TIMEOUT”}


Which Web Meeting SDK version?
version 2.9.7

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Moderator A start a meeting
  2. Participant B join waiting room
  3. Moderator A admits participant B
  4. Participant B join meeting successfully
  5. Moderator A assign participant B to breakout out ‘Room 1’
  6. Moderator A open breakout room ‘Room 1’
  7. Participant B accept and join breakout room ‘Room 1’ successfully
  8. Participant B click Join Audio button

Hey, I am currently facing the same issue. Is there any possible solution? or Did Zoom team approach you?

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