Available OAuth scopes for basic account

Hi, where can i find a list of available OAuth scopes for basic account?
I’m using basic plan now, and trying to add meeting:write:admin , meeting:write scopes in my server to server oauth app but they cannot be found in the “Add scopes” dialog.

Hi @wilson_wangxu
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum, I am happy to help here!
If you are the owner of the account, make sure that you have the right meeting settings enabled in your account.

Here is a helpful guide that shows you how to use the Server-to-ServerOauth app with Postman and guides you on how to create it and start using it in your account

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Hi Elisa, thanks for reply.
Yes, i’m the account owner. Which meeting settings should i make sure to enable so as to add meeting:write:admin , meeting:write scopes in my server to server oauth app?

oops, sorry i found the meeting:write:admin scope in the list now. Thanks for you follow on this topic.

Amazing! @wilson_wangxu
Happy to hear you found them!

Btw, I also want to get a list of zoom api endpoint which can be called by a zoom free account.
So far i only saw a related post here:

In above post, it was mentioned that:

Other endpoints that require a paid plan mention it under “Prerequisites” on the respective endpoint page in our documentation.

I find that not all api endpoint pages have “Prerequisites”, for example, the following api endpoint page of create meeting , does it mean this api endpoint can be called by a zoom free basic account? If yes, then does it mean any api endpoint which does not have “Prerequisites” information in its documentation page can be called by a free basic plan?

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Hi @wilson_wangxu
Yes, the endpoints that do not have prerequisites, can be called by users with free basic plans