Breakout host controls - float co-host to top of Room assignees

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
Because co-hosts have advanced capabilities that are handy during breakouts (such as ability to move among the breakout rooms and return to the main room at any time, ability to record, ability to mute/un-mute others, etc.) I think it would be helpful if it were easier for the host to identify a co-host among the list of names that a host has assigned to a breakout room.

To be clear: I’m talking about the host’s breakout controls which are only accessible/visible to the meeting host.

Describe the solution you’d like

  1. When the host is assigning meeting attendees to breakout rooms, I would like for the host to see any co-hosts to float to the top of the breakout room list of attendees (just like they do in the main meeting room’s Participant List.)

  2. Also, it would be good if the host would see the “(co-host)” label next to any co-host name when the host is assigning attendees to breakout rooms.

In my experience, when the meeting host is assigning attendees to breakout rooms, attendees are listed alphabetically and there is no visible identifier for co-hosts.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered

Additional context
It might also be nice if anyone who the host “allows to record” would be easily identified in the host’s breakout room controls.


We solve this by asking co-hosts to rename themselves with a ‘-’ symbol at the front of their name. This floats them to the top of alphabetical lists. (Handy when doing the co-hosting at the beginning of the meeting.) The one doing the recording uses an ‘@’ symbol to float them above participants, but below co-hosts.

Is it possible to create four annotated whiteboards in a plenary group, then share each of the whiteboards separately in four breakout rooms where they will also be annotated, then have each of those newly annotated breakout room whiteboards presented back in plenary.