Breakout Room closing 60 second timer

When using the SDK in customized UI mode users don’t get the 60 second grace period when breakout rooms close. As soon as the host closes the breakout room the client kicks you back to the main room. Using the Zoom UI or the native app the client gets a 60 second count down until they are auto kicked to the main room.

Is there something I can do to configure this? If not it would be great if I could submit this as a feature request.

Which version?
5.2.1 (41735.0929)


Hi Tim,

Thanks for the post. Let me double check with the engineering team on this and get back to you shortly.


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Hi Tim,

Thanks again for the post. After confirming with the engineering team, the break out room timer is not yet available in the Custom UI mode. I have submitted a feature request to the engineering team on this, and I will keep you posted if there is any timeline available.

Thank you.

Hi @carson.zoom - Thanks for getting back to me. Sounds good. Thanks!

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