Call log outgoing call discrepancy

I have an application that downloads all calls for the day using GET /phone/call_logs then parses the calls and calculates various things including outgoing call count and total call time by extension.
I have noticed since around the time JWT was deprecated and I had to temporarily reenable ( I have since migrated the app to Oauth) , very few outgoing calls are showing up in the logs. For example one user has 63 unique outgoing calls today according to the Analytics section of the web portal yet only has 3 included in the output of GET /phone/call_logs .
Has anyone else noticed this?

Hi @jjosker
Thanks for reaching out to us and welcome to our community, I am happy to help here!
This is interesting, so you have seen this discrepancy ever since you migrated from JWT to Server to Server?
Do you think you could provide me with some logs so I can look into this further

Thanks Elisa,
This issue actually surfaced right after the app was disabled and I had to go into account settings to check the box to extend JWT authentication. I switched the app over to Server to Server yesterday hoping that that would somehow magically fix the issue but no luck.
I will work on getting you some data.

Thanks for the update @jjosker
Please keep me posted

I think I’m on to something. It looks like instead of the callers extension, the “caller_number” field now contains the extension of our main AR for outgoing calls. Please see the test screenshot below . 995003 is our main AR.

After rereading my last post I feel that I should clarify. “caller_number” is now returning the number of our main AR for outgoing calls where it used to return the number of the extension that was placing the call.

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