Can not join the student, Showing registration meeting page

After I creating the meeting using zoom APIs and I try to join as a teacher (host) at the meeting using the join URL I generate. I generate the join link by those params
&email= base64_encode($email)

and I following the document to create the signature and I joined perfectly.

But when I use the above code the generate the join link for student (attendance), and I have changed the role to (0) and I was generate the signature in the same way but change the role to (0) in signature also.

when I open the link I generated for the student as a student (attendance) gives me the register page and not able to view the meeting!

Give me the registration meeting page and not opening the meeting.

Which Web Meeting SDK version?
Latest version 1.9.9 CDN version

I hope to find any help.

Hey @mahmoudabdelhalim ,

If you are trying to join a meeting / webinar with the Web Meeting SDK that requires registration, you will need to also pass in the registrant token:

Let me know if that helps! :slight_smile:


Thank you @tommy for helping,

Actually, I check the registration option on my main account but I make it manually approve.

And as you mention the “Join a Meeting Join meetings in the Web SDK” link I can not found the token on join_url when I call the meeting info using API “/meetings/{meetingId}”.

Please check the registration options and the response of meeting API.

Meeting Object

Hey @mahmoudabdelhalim ,

The registrant token will only return if the registrant has been approved.


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Hey @tommy ,
Thank you for helping me, I used to add the student to the meeting registrants and I doesn’t see the join_url on the response, But I found I should change the approval_type to 0 value on creating the meeting and I got the link with registrant token and I passing registrant token to the SDK and I joined on the meeting successfully.

But I have a question for you, (if you allow me :smile: )
When I testing the cycle I tried to add the student to registrants on the meeting I send the same request data three-time but I got the Status Code 429
You have exceeded the daily rate limit of “{0}” for Add meeting registrant API requests for the registrant “{1}”. You can resume these API requests at GMT 00:00:00.

That’s mean the student can’t attend another meeting all day at different times Or can’t allow adding the student to registrants on the meeting if he exists.
Please explain this point.

Thanks so much and you are very supportive @tommy .

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Hi, @mahmoudabdelhalim,

Thank you for your question! For your concern please see this Developer Forum post on the recent API limit change:


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Hi @donte.zoom ,
Thanks for your answer.
So I can add many users on registrants, maximum limit of 4999 registrants per meeting.
And the users (attendances) can attend any count of meetings per day as a register on the meeting.
Is that right?

Hey @mahmoudabdelhalim ,

That sounds right, yes. :slight_smile:


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