Cannot edit Zoom App

Zoom Apps Configuration
I have a Meeting SDK app. It was approved on Nov 7th 2023. It has not been published, though ideally I don’t want to publish it to the marketplace.

The app details are:

  • Name: Sales Copilot bot by Glyphic
  • Development Client ID: 64DhnXk7Qr6Y4cDP2EGPaw

I can’t edit any fields inside my Zoom app. I need to update some of the Event Subscriptions, but neither them nor any other field in the marketplace app is editable.

I don’t see any error message or anything explaining why the app is not editable. The boxes are greyed out, and I get the cursor shown in the screenshot

Troubleshooting Routes
Reloading the Zoom app marketplace page. I have verified that I am the app owner.
I haven’t tried publishing the app, because ideally I don’t want it to be publicly visible on the marketplace.

How To Reproduce
Zoom app was recently approved. This is the first time I have tried to edit it since.

Hi @tom-glyphic
Thanks for reaching out to us!
Have you been able to make changes to your app and to troubleshoot this on your end?

Hi @elisa.zoom

No, the app is still not editable

Hi @tom-glyphic

It seems that you have selected “Publish the app by myself” option. Since the app has been approved the next step is to publish. This app won’t be editable until the final step is completed. I also can’t help but notice you don’t want this app on the Marketplace, could you please clarify this?

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