Chipmunk voice on web meeting SDK


We’ve just encountered an odd issue when we’re using web meeting SDK (component view). And it happens intermittently. So the issue is sometimes the voice of one of the participants becomes a chipmunk voice like this:

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We’re having the same issue on webinars using the Meeting SDK. Multiple users, but not all - getting “Chipmunk” voices. Please investigate - can provide webinar ID’s if needed.

I also experienced the same problem, the issue started on April 5th.
when my user does a zoom meeting with his attende, my user hears the attende’s voice like a chipmunk.

do i need to update to the latest version @MaxM ?
the zoom web sdk version I’m currently using is 2.0.1

Thank You
-Agus Wiranata

@tommy @MaxM - Hey we’re currently having this issue on a live customer conference - and forced to cutover to full meeting client. Can someone please respond or look into this?

Hey @mb_j , @shabanzo , @agus.wiranata ,

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@tommy Thanks for responding -

Description: Main presenters voice is high pitched “Chipmunk-like” to any users on web sdk. Doesn’t seem to affect users in full client.

SDK version: 2.0.1

I have a session going now that has the issue - high pitched voices on the main people, my self and another on my team can hear each other ok - only their voices are affected. If you’d like to join and hear the issue, DM me…

Presenter is using full Zoom client, Acer PC, Windows 11



Hey @mb_j ,

Which browser and browser version?


@tommy This is happening across multiple browsers Mac and PC. Happening to me now on Chrome 100.0.4896.127. Happening to Mac User on Chrome 100.0.4896.75.

Also - if I change and join with Zoom desktop, the original host voice goes to normal - but then the user who previously sounded ok on websdk - goes to a deep distorted voice. Can’t seem to find a pattern here other than crossing between desktop to Web SDK…

Additionally, this happened a week or so ago when I reported originally above. Then went away till today - happening to 2 completely different customers today - on both meetings and webinars.

Hey @mb_j ,

Thanks for the additional details. We did fix a Chrome 100 audio issue in Web Meeting SDK 2.3.0+

Please upgrade to the latest version.


@tommy Thanks, I’ll give that a try but will have to wait till users are offline later.

One other question, was this sent out to the distribution list or only posted in announcements?
I just would just like to know if I need to subscribe to announcements to be aware of these things - I could have sworn you guys used to email out announcements of major issues and upgrade versions to the changelog email list?

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Hey @mb_j ,

Yes, we did send an email notice in mid/late March to the Meeting and Video SDK account holders.



I’m facing the same issue too, and I’m not able to get it resolved.

chipmunk voice.

to reproduce:
if the participant connect both from the web browser or both from the zoom client - it work perfectly.
however if 1 participant connects from chrome and the other from the zoom client app, we get this chipmunk voice consistently.

we have tested this from windows machine and mobile phone too.

we are lost on what to do this is affected us for some time now ! can you help ?