Clarity on non-reoccuring meetings 30 day expiration question

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Question: Clarifying some meeting expiration time issues with Scheduling meetings

Schedule a Zoom Document Type Meeting with Description

[Scheduling meetings](,would%20like%20before%20it% 20expires.)

The non-recurring meeting ID will expire 30 days after the meeting is scheduled. If you restart the same meeting ID within those 30 days, it will remain valid for another 30 days. You can restart the same meeting ID as many times as you like before it expires

Meeting type 2 — A scheduled meeting.

  1. The meeting start time is set for July 1, 2023. Until about July 15, 2023, the update start time is August 1, 2023. After that, the expiration date of the meeting Is this meeting July 31, 2023 or August 15, 2023?

  2. Meeting configuration is waiting_room: true, the meeting has been set to start on July 15, 2023. on July 1, 2023, participants register for this meeting, and click the registration link join the waiting room.

    • When the user is in the waiting room, the host does not join, is it counted as the meeting started? Is the expiration time of this meeting 30 days from July 15, 2023 or July 1, 2023?

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