CLI Support in Poly G7500

Is there any plan to add CLI support to the Android client and therefore provide CLI support in the Poly G7500 running the native Zoom option?

Hey @roger.mcardell,

I do not see this on our roadmap. What is your use case for wanting this feature?


Hi Tommy,

I have a client that is moving from a very large estate of tradition VC using Polycom kit to Zoom. They have various meeting room functions that they want to keep when moving to Zoom and these are only achievable if we use the Zoom Room CLI. This is OK if we use a PC as the codec, however they have an interim state while transitioning, and several projects under way where they need to have Polycom in the short term running parallel to Zoom. The G7500 at first look seems ideal, but without the CLI it’s useless.

This customer has integrated meeting rooms with various sources, multiple laptop connections and dual screens that turn on and off when the codec wakes and sleeps. The G7500, when is normal mode, has two remote control APIs allowing all this to work, however as soon as you go into Zoom mode both APIs stop working.

On PC and Mac Zoom Rooms, you’ve added “Room Controls” which goes a little way towards getting some status info out of the codec, but this doesn’t work on the G7500 either.



Hey @roger.mcardell,

I see, thanks. We do have additional Zoom Room APIs on the roadmap, but not Android Client specific ones.

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