Closing the Zoom Windows Client by a client url schema

We propose a new client url schema to close the Zoom Windows Client.

**Is your feature request related to a problem?
Currently we are using the Zoom Web SDK version 1.8.1 but we still have audio issues, particularly in PCs with less RAM (4GB) and i5 CPUs. Something that does not occurs in the Zoom Windows Client.

So while you fix this, an idea would be to allow us to leave a session using the url schema in order to be able to join and cancel a meeting from our custom web application.

Users forget to press the Leave meeting button, but from our custom application we need to be able to close the session. Our application is based on Zoom for the video conferencing piece, so we need to automate the flow from our app to be easy to use for our users.

Describe the solution you’d like
Expose a schema url to leave a zoom meeting so the video and mic is not being in use by Zoom.