Cloud Recroding list for a metting issue

Here it what I got from API:

But when I look on my zoom account I got 2 cloud recording for that

Thanks for help

Try getting all instances for the same meeting using
and for each instance, get the recording using the UUID (not meetingID) via

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Not working I only get 1 instances

Hi @ktremblay,

Thanks for sharing these details. To clarify, the GET Recordings endpoint will only return the last instance of a Meeting ID. If you need additional instances, you’ll need to first query the GET Past Meeting Instances endpoint that @et-dev referenced to get the UUIDs for those additional instances. You can then pass the individual UUIDs into the GET Recordings endpoint, in place of the ID.

If you’re not seeing all the expected instances returned, can you share your request/response with the Meeting ID so that I can help take a closer look? :slight_smile:


Is there any way to limit a metting to only one instance, the only I see is by deleting the metting

Hi @ktremblay,

It’s not possible to limit a meeting to just 1 instance without deleting previous instances.

I hope this helps to clarify,

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