Conflicting behavior of join_url on registrants endpoint?


If I add a registrant to a meeting (with API) with the data:

first_name: participant1, email:

and the meeting has the following csv for pre-assigning breackout rooms:

Pre-assign Room Name,Email Address

further there is a zoom user:

first_name: user1, email:

If the participant opens the join_url (returned by the API call) in the:

  • desktop client he will be:

    • joined to the breakout room: FirstBreakout
    • named participant1
  • in the web client while being logged in as zoom user1, he will be:

    • joined to the breakout room SecondBreakout
    • named participant1

So depending on the client he will join the FirstBreakout or SecondBreakout
while always being named “participant1”.

This seems confusing. Is this expected behavior?


Hey @Videda,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. From what I understand, this is not expected behavior. Please send an email to with a link to this thread.

In that email, please include the join_url that you’re using when you see this behavior.


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