Customizing Zoom Web SDK( waiting Room, Custom Authentication and Authorization, kicking Unauthorized users

Hello Support,
i am new to Zoom Dev Forum and Zoom Development. initially i was having problem of integrating the zoom with react dashboard but somehow i did it :slight_smile:
now i am able to start a meeting from admin side. but i want some automation features to embed in the zoom, please let me know if they are available as i cant find it. and if not, then will these features be available?

  1. Only host can start meeting and Waiting room must be enabled so that no one can simply join.
  2. In waiting room, i want to authenticate/authorize user from my db can join
  3. Password and meeting credentials cannot be shared by users. only Host can see the meeting information (including meeting ID and password)
  4. Kick unauthorized user from waiting room and allow the authentic and authorized users.
  5. Email is must for user too and if user from one email has joined then same user cannot join meeting

Error i am facing is that when there are so many user is zoom, they can share credentials and unauthorized user also join and it is very difficult for the team to check the unauthorized users.
My company is working on daily basis and we need this in a broad environment of teaching students and it is very difficult for us to manually manage this.

Which Client Web SDK version?
i am using the 1.9.0 SDK version

Device (please complete the following information):

  • Browser: chrome and Firefox

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Hey @ans ,

Thanks for posting and using Zoom! :slight_smile:

You can enable these in your Zoom settings: Sign In - Zoom

Can you compare the user that is trying to join the Web SDK with the users you have in your DB?

You can hide this, example here:

You can utilize the userEmail field for this:

Breakout Room APIs are on our roadmap. :slight_smile:

Let me know if that helps, or if you need further instruction.


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Thanks Tommy :slight_smile:
i have enabled Waiting Room, i have hide the Password and Meeting credentials etc.
for Waiting Room Authorization, i can compare the user from DB and but how can i get the userid in waiting room in order to allow/kick the user?
i have seen the hook is available where i can do this (MAY BE): ZoomMtg.inMeetingServiceListener(‘onUserIsInWaitingRoom’) but i need the userid in order to kick the unauthorize user directly from Waiting Room.

can you help me out in this?

Hey @ans,

Thank you for your question, I’m happy to help out! In the callback for the event, you can use the data parameter in order to retrieve information about the user that is in the waiting room. We have an example of this is our Sample Web App:

I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any questions.


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