Database schema for meeting, webinar, and event data available via REST API?

Super simple question here-- has anyone built a database schema for all the data available from any of (or all together) reports and/or GET requests you can obtain from Zoom for meetings, webinars, and/or events?

I found the Swagger and Postman documentation but couldn’t find any Zoom-wide schema. I saw there is a GraphQL schema here but while at first glance it appears similar, it’s unclear how much it mirrors the relationships found via the REST API. Also since GraphQL is still in beta, I am not sure about the future support it will have in Zoom and we’d be worried about building on it if it’s just going to go away (and I don’t believe it supports Zoom Events yet).

We’re about to start building our own ETL purposes, but are hoping not to recreate the wheel if someone has already done it in the community. Our use case is primarily around managing users for events (in meetings, webinars, and actual Zoom events).

If no one has built one for the REST API, I would be open to potentially sharing ours once done-- if so, what format would you want to see that in / any thoughts on particular things you’d want taken into account with the schema?



Hi @matthew5 ,

Not to my knowledge, but this is a great initiative. I’ll check in with our technical architects to see if a resource like that exists and can be published! Thanks for bringing this to the forum!

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I know we’re pulling data for accounts, users, meetings/webinars into our own home grown tool (.Net/VUE) mostly for lookup / support reasons since we have multiple instances.