Differnce between user and account

I don’t know if its the right place to ask this question but I am a little confused regarding the difference between account and user.

Consider my use case, there is a school and which has a bunch of teachers. Teachers have their separate login for the school’s management software. I want teachers only to be able to see their class links but don’t want them to create the classes because those will be created by the class scheduling part automatically.

I am not sure if I even need users but there is a limit of 100 meetings per user per day.

Hi @debjyoti.biswas.che1,

Generally speaking, you will have a Zoom account with users under it—these users’ permissions can vary. To create/start a meeting, you will need a user with Host permissions. For users (students) who will just be joining meetings, they will not need a Host license/permissions. You may find this thread helpful for covering this context in a bit more detail:

If you have further questions about users vs. accounts, support.zoom.us will be your best resource, as this is their specialty, while we are here to answer any API related questions.


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