Want to limit no of users can login through oauth api

My website make use of zoom oauth api for create/delete meetings, add/delete users in the meetings but I want to limit the no of users who can login through the api which api should I use then account level or user level api.
for example I want to limit the users can login through api is only the owner of the account whose api is being used on the website how can I attain this. KIndly help me for this one.

any suggestions are welcomed thanks in advance

Hi @niteshexact , there are no user vs account level APIs – did you mean user vs account level OAuth application?

Here are the differences between those two: Account-level app vs User-managed app for adoption - #2 by tommy

Do you mean users who are custCreate users?

I want to allow only a specific set of users who can login from zoom users through oauth api on my website How can I attain this through php any suggestions please.

it did not helped me completely can you please elaborate some aspects about it.

Hi @niteshexact ,

There isn’t the ability to login through API. Here is more information about the user types you can create on your account:

If you want to limit the type of users who can access the meetings you create, you can set up meeting with registration. You can do this via web portal or the Create a Meeting API endpoint.

Is this what you were asking about?

I want to publish my api for zoom how can I achieve it Kindly help

You mean for Zoom Open API? Or publish an app on the Zoom App Marketplace?

You cannot add to the Zoom Open API, but here’s how to publish an app: Publishing apps

I am unable to retrieve registerant id of the participants in the past meeting other than host but I highly rely on the registerant id in the past participants report of meetings I am passing https://api.zoom.us/v2/report/meetings/‘.$meet_id.’/participants?include_fields=registrant_id via this link still not getting desired