Disable meeting features either in Meeting Create API or Web SDK

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Describe the solution you’d like
A variety of Meeting Create API and Web SDK features for enabling/disabling features. Here’s a small list, but in general the more features like this the better:

  • Enable/Disable Chat (Similar to Mute features, but for Chat)
  • Enable/Disable Webcams (Similar to Mute features, but for cameras)

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
The big one is alternate conferencing tools that support this.

In a teaching environment, greater control over student interactions at times is required. Right now I can use the Web SDK to simulate this with DOM manipulation / CSS to hide things, but that is not ideal because your implementation could change at any moment.

Additional context
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Hi @kmwill23, thanks for the suggestions, we agree we can improve the flexibility and feature sets of the Web SDK, and are currently working on greater customization and control. Our roadmap has adjusted slightly, but still has this as a priority.

You can currently disable Chat within a meeting (isSupportChat: true, within the init method), but this cannot be turned off/on.

Methods to disable video is currently not available (especially for specific users)

These suggestions are helpful, please do stay up to date with our Changelog!