Download recording using master account API

When I use API key/secret of a subaccount, I am able to download the recording using the below URL:

I have multiple subaccounts. I want to download the recording using the master accounts API key/secret. If I use the Token from Master account, it does not work.

Can you help me how can I download the recording of a sub account using master account API key/Secret


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Hey @srimathy.sundaresan,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. Just to clarify, is this happening when calling the Master Account Cloud Recording API?

Please provide an example of the request you’re making when you retrieve the download_url.


Hi Max,

Thank you for responding. I used the Master Account Cloud Recording API to fetch the sub account recording details. With this i could retrieve the download_url for a recording in sub account.

Now I want to download recording using thisdownload_url. I used below,


In the above http request if I use jwt token of individual sub account I am able to download the recording. If I use the jwt of Master account, it fails. What am I missing

Hey @srimathys2001 ,

What is the error message you are seeing?


Hi Tommy,

Thank you for the response. I get sttauscode = 200 but it returned a html page with the following message

Hey @srimathy.sundaresan,

Thank you for providing additional information. It looks like you have a ticket open with us so I’ll be sure to follow-up with you there.


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