Email field in the "participant_joined" event is empty when Zoom app had a cold start

Hello, I have a question on Zoom webhooks.

We’ve set up webhooks to receive meeting events, including “participant_joined”, on our API endpoints.

The problem we’re facing: when an authenticated user without a running Zoom desktop app joins a meeting by clicking a Zoom link somewhere (so their Zoom app is having a cold start), we receive a “participant_joined” without the user’s email in the payload. If the desktop app has been already started when the users clicks link, the payload does include the email.

For me it looks like a race condition, when the user joins the meeting before the Zoom desktop app is able to authenticate.

Yes, I have read the “March 2022: FAQ on reporting changes” post about the email visibility changes.

Can you clarify on this behaviour?

How To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:
1. Quit Zoom app
2. Click a Zoom meeting link to join the meeting
3. See the “participant_joined” event payload, user’s email would be empty

Hi @yakovishen , are they logged in via browser when they click the link? If not, this could explain the behavior.


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