Error code 3707 when using SDK authentication

Hello zoom dev team,

I am trying to use the SDK authentication for React app using web SDK but I encounter issues.

I am now trying to use the sample application provided here :

In the signature sample app we can first see that the schema used is not the same as the documentation here :

I think sample app seems to be correct ? So I tried to I configure the applications with my SDK key and secret and start the apps. Then when I try to join the meeting I got the following error :
Joining meeting timeout.
The meeting number is not found.

And in the console I can see this error code in the json error object :
errorCode: 3707

I was able to decode the jwt token on my react application and got this :

   "appKey":"******",  // same value as sdkKey

It seems correct to me so I can not find the issue.

Do you have any idea of what I am doing wrong ?

Thank you.


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create a new simple test meeting

  • Registration NOT required
  • a simple Passcode
  • no waiting room
  • Options: Allow participants to join anytime

you can use it endless - if you don’t use it some (???) weeks, it will automaticly deleted from your zoom account

activate the debug-mode

    debug: true,

remove the registration info “tk”

  tk: registrantToken // <- remove complete line

and test again


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Hello @Jürgen

Thank you, I was able to solve my issue.

I think I made mistake with meeting ID, because even if I keep the line “tk: registrantToken”, it is still working.

So probably the documentation is not uptodate since when I use “app_key” (documentation) instead of “sdkKey” (sample app) in the signature generation, I got error.

If someone from zoom check this message, it can be nice to verify that and maybe update the docs.

Thank you,


Thank you contribution to the Zoom Developer forum @j.schoenemeyer!

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