Event webhook for chat messages not being received for OAuth PHP application

I have successfully created a working OAuth application using PHP running on a Synology NAS by using the code examples on this well presented page:


I can request the token, get authorised and store the received token in an mysql database.

I am not receiving any error however I have added the event webhooks for the chat messages to the OAuth app but have never received any notification.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?
The endpoint is a PHP script running on a Synology NAS.

Additional context
In testing the notification I created a new meeting using the iPad app, which I also joined with an iPhone. Would this have sufficient to generate the notification when a new message was created?

I am only an amateur programmer so it’s testament to the ease of use of the Zoom development system I have achieved the initial functionality with relative ease. The end aim is to carry out specific actions by detecting trigger words in the message stream.


Hey @nscripta,

Good question, happy to clarify.

To that end, when you say that you tested this by creating a new meeting, I think this may be part of the issue. To clarify, are you looking to receive events for in-meeting Chat? I should note that we don’t currently support this. Rather, the Chat Message webhooks are for the main Zoom Client chat, which is different than the in-meeting chat. These will only be triggered if you’re chatting within the Zoom Client:

Let me know if this helps to clarify!

Thanks for your response, it has clarified the chat webhook and explains exactly why it didn’t work. I did add a seperate webhook app for meeting start and did successfully receive it. Looks like I will need to hope it’s added in a future update or investigate an alternative method of capturing the data.


Hi @nscripta,

Thanks for confirming, glad I could help clarify. :slight_smile:


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