Experiencing garbled audio with no video stream for some participants in a Web Video SDK session

We have experienced cases where some of the participants in a Web Video SDK session have garbled audio streams with no video coming through to the other participants. Two such participants were in the same location so we suspect it had something to do with a network performance problem at their location. We were hoping there was some way for us to provide feedback to participants about the quality of their network connection for purposes of the Zoom Video SDK. Do you have any way for us to get that kind of data (a network quality index on a scale of 1 to 5 for example) using the Video SDK, or some alternative means? At least that would allow us to give some feedback to affected participants and allow us to make timely suggestions to said participants to, for example, turn their video off to improve audio performance.

We are currently using web video sdk version 1.1.6

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Hey @mitesh.gandhi

Thanks for your feedback.

The statistical metrics of Video SDK Web (audio, video, screen share, and network) are under development.


Hey @vic.yang ,

Thanks for your reply.

When can we expect the next release for the statistical metrics of Video SDK Web?

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