Frequent disconnections, repetitive names in waiting room - in web sdk

We are using v1.7.10 of the sdk to embed zoom in web. Couple of problems we faced during the ongoing session are below:

  1. When the session was going on, one of us was getting an error “The server encountered an internal error and was unable to process your request”, and there are two buttons; Retry and Exit. Clicking on either one will reload the page.

  1. When one of us joined from a tablet, the audio was coming from the receiver speaker and not the loudspeaker. So he had to plugin earphones to listen to the conversation.

  2. When we try to join a session, it says “wait for host to admit” and the host receives the request to admit. When he admits, the other user’s zoom iframe reloads and it again says “wait for host to admit”. Now at the host’s end, the name gets duplicated twice. The name gets duplicated again and again everytime the host admits the entry.


  1. During the session, the meeting for one of the users gets disconnected with the message “Your connectivity has times and you cannot join the meeting”

Which version?
v1.7.10 of zoom sdk.

Hey @Nick252,

Are you embedding the Web SDK into an iFrame? If so, there could be unintended issues since it was not designed to be embedded into an iFrame.

Can you try using the Web SDK outside of the iFrame on a webpage and let me know if you run into these issues?


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