Getting Permissions correct in Marketplace

Hey Zoom team! I’m working to add some app collaborators for our Freehand app so that they can view statistics. When trying to add the app collaborator I get the following message:

This user doesn’t have the required role privileges. Please contact the account admin for more details.

While this is useful in that it tells me my permissions are wrong, it doesn’t tell me what permissions the user needs in order to get into the stats. Can you let me know what permissions I need to give these users so they can view our stats?

Hi @danshort ,

Please reference the following articles to get you set up:,Sign%20in%20to%20the%20Zoom%20web%20portal%20as%20the%20account,Click%20the%20Change%20Role%20button.

If the user is on your account they should be good to go after instituting this. If they are on a different account, they need to follow these articles with their account admin.


Hi Gianni, thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, this doesn’t actually answer the question. This just states the membership levels, but not what is required in order to have access to the app marketplace details. Do they need to be an owner, an admin, or are there more specific permissions we can provide?

I have at least three or four people that need access to these statistics, but they most definitely don’t need admin privileges for our entire account. For example, are there custom scopes necessary to get a user access to the marketplace listing and reports?


Hi @danshort, were you ever able to resolve this? We are in the same boat. My account role is Member and I am the Owner of a Zoom Marketplace app that I’d like to add collaborators to but I’m getting the same error you quoted above. Before reaching out to our Zoom Admin I’d like to figure out what exactly needs to change first.


Unfortunately no, no further responses or solutions.

@danshort bummer. thanks for the reply

Hi @danshort , @jason.thomas ,

I believe this is because the app collaborator does not have access to view/edit apps on the account. This is set in the Zoom for developers section in Roles management, available to admins (by default, only available specifically to owners).

As an admin/owner, navigate to User Management > Roles. Then go to Advanced Features and look for Zoom for developers. Make sure the user’s role has view/edit permissions for apps of this type. Example: