Have you considered building zoom for the Raspberry Pi 4 linux system?

I try Botspot solution and didn’t work for my Raspberry pi 3, it’s too slow. I will love to have a native client for raspbian (along with at least other 20 friends)

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Hey, one more vote from me for native Zoom for Raspberry Pi 4. At the moment it is the only case that doesn’t allow my kids to fully use our Pi for their remote classes :blush:

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With the help of this amazing linux program BOX86 ( https://github.com/ptitSeb/box86 ). Zoom on the PI 4 is now possible. BOX86 is installed by default on Twister OS and recently an installation script has been added to pikiss to make zoom installation a simple process. if you have any questions feel free to ask them on the TwisterOS Discord server discord.gg/Fh8sjmu


This is very interesting … will try it and let you know the result … thanks

After being inspired by Novaspirit’s video, I went ahead and made a Zoom installer.
Literally all you do is click Install, and the script takes care of the rest: compiling box86, applying some custom settings to boost performance, downloads Zoom, and creates a handy Menu launcher.
See: https://www.raspberrypi.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=63&t=287680

Tagging @everyone to see the Zoom solution posted above.

Would be very interested to test and dev on this

On my Zoom installer or what? Is it working OK for you?

I try Chills340 solution. I get to install Zoom on my Raspberry 3b+ (Very easy) but zoom It’s too laggy I guess it will be a solution for the pi 4 (already ordered one).

Just wanted to post an update about my Zoom installer: Novaspirit’s video is not complete:

  • In order for audio to work you must install and configure pulseaudio. (my Zoom installer takes care of all of that)
  • Additionally, Novaspirit’s method does not create any handy menu launcher - but mine does create a button in the start menu.
  • One more thing: Novaspirit’s method does not exit cleanly, but I was able to work out that problem with box86’s developer.

My Zoom installer is called Pi-Apps, and not only can it install Zoom, it has many more useful apps also for the Raspberry Pi:

Many people on the forums say Pi-Apps’ version of Zoom is working well for them.

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