Hear audio with lag

Hello zoom support,
We got a problem with a meeting where participants hear themselves with lag. After checking dashboard we were able to see that the audio sending bitrate is decreasing over the time for one participant (see image)

We think that the cause may be on zoom side, could you check if there is any issue about audio bitrate decreasing causing lag on your side ? I have the meeting ID, I can send it to you by mail.

The issue occurred at 2020/10/17 13:00:00 (Japanese time)

Which version?
Web SDK 1.8.1

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Hard to reproduce, we only have rare cases with this problem.


  • Device: Computer
  • OS: Windows
  • Version: 10
  • Browser: Chrome 86.0.4240.75

Hey @ljacquel,

Thanks for letting us know! I have notified our Web SDK engineers and they will look into the issue. (CS-2457)

I will keep you updated here. :slight_smile:


Thank you tommy,

I just sent you an email with the meeting ID corresponding to this problem.

Let me know when you have any updates please.

Thank you,


Thanks @ljacquel,

We received the meeting ID and are working on the issue! :slight_smile:


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