HELP Unable to install the app because you don't have the required permissions

Hi I am unable to install a custom app because I don’t have the required permissions. But it doesn’t state what I am missing. I’ve already configured Integrations + marketplace to edit to let me add but I am still unable to install the app.

I am trying to create a custom application between Zoom and Zapier so that I can pull a webinar attendee list out as that is not native in zapier. Would appreciate some help here on this!

If you know the Zoom application ID (which might be in a link), you can visit<appID> where <appID> is replaced with that application ID, and review that report to see what permissions are needed and where to go in the user interface to grant them.

I’ve checked and it doesn’t say that anything is missing

All options are either N/A or already checked

Hi @rbaeans
Could you please share a link to the Docs you are following?
Is this an Oauth app or a Server to Server Oauth app?