How can I turn off `pre-approval` setting in Application level?

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Our app has just approved. So we can test “production level” of our Application. And we found a non user friendly message on our app’s installation page.

You cannot authorize the app. This app requires your pre-approval

of course, I could install clicking “pre-approve” button.

my question is, how can I turn off this “pre-approve” setting in Application level? I checked another applications on Market place, lots of apps had “off” in “pre-approve” section. I’d like to make our app to same as them.

Thank you!

You cannot authorize the app
This app requires your pre-approval

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Hey @jungmo.kang,

This setting is based on each Zoom Admin. You can configure which apps your Zoom users can install here: :slight_smile:

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Hey @tommy Thanks!! Have a nice day~

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You are welcome! :slight_smile: